Jennitta Andrea

Since graduating from the University of Calgary in 1988 with a B.Sc. (distinction) in Computer Science, Jennitta Andrea’s professional career has consistently focused on software processes, specification languages, and automated testing. 

In 1988, Jennitta joined the process research group at MPR Teltech, where she developed domain specific languages and automated tools to support both structured and object-oriented software processes.

 In 1994, Jennitta joined Object Systems Group (later renamed ClearStream), as an object-oriented practitioner and mentor.  She quickly mastered the subject matter, and began designing and teaching advanced courses in business modeling and requirement specificaiton using UML.

Jennitta worked on her first agile project in 2000, and has continued to be a multi-faceted, hands-on practitioner (analyst, tester, developer, manager) and coach on a wide variety of different types of agile projects ever since.  

Jennitta has always been a keen observer of teams and processes, and has published many experience-based papers for conferences and software journals.  Jennitta delivers practical, simulation-based tutorials and in-house training covering: agile requirements, process adaptation, automated examples, and project retrospectives.

Today, Jennitta’s work has culminated in international recognition as a thought leader in the area of agile requirements and automated examples. She is very active in the agile community: serving a third term on the Agile Alliance Board of Directors, director of the Agile Alliance Functional Test Tool Program to advance the state of the art of automated functional test tools, member of the Advisory Board of IEEE Software, and member on many conference committees.

Jennitta founded The Andrea Group in 2007.  She remains actively engaged on agile projects as a hands-on practitioner and coach, and continues to bridge theory and practice in her writing and teaching.


Full details of Jennitta’s experience can be found on her linked-in profile:

internationally recognized thought leader in agile requirements